If you heard on the news, you hear that some women had a baby and said it was Justin Bieber's.

When I heard it, I was like "PSSSH, yeah right."

Honestly, I think people are WAY to obsessive over Justin Bieber. I mean, getting pregnant and SAYING that it was a really famous celebrity? It means that some people are way over thinking this.

This is my story.

Girl wanted to get famous, so she came up with a plan.

She got a man and got pregnant.

She had the baby, and SAID it was Justin Bieber's, and even made up a fake birth certificate.

I hate Justin Bieber, but I mean, he's not THAT stupid.

This girl is way obsessive. She must be one of the ones who sent death threats to Selena Gomez because she was dating Justin.

Now what do you think? Please, comment your answer.

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