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3 words, create your own story

This blog is called 3 words, Create a story. Basically, you have a comment, that's 3 words. The next person to comment will comment above the comment, using three words to continue the story. Here is an example:

1st person; Princess Goldy was

2nd person: A beautiful Princess.

3rd person: She waited a

4th person: long time for

5th person: her prince to

6th person: come. She also

7th person: had a horse

8th person: named Shelby. She

9th person: loved that horse.

10th person: It's a boy.

And so on and so on.-------

You can say whatever you want. It does not have to be about iCarly. But, it HAS to be 3 words. Too make it less confusing, I'll start. But before I do it, I need to say something. After I say the story is done, I will make a different blog and post the whole story.

Here is the starting 3 words: Jennifer Coots loved

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