Ok, so I read @Sockstar1's post, I agreed with some of it.

But I disagreed with most of it.

Dan would never ever favor a ship over another. The reason he is ignoring the Creddiers on Twitter is because the Creddiers are being nasty and rude to him. Not as many seddiers complained during iSaved Your Life.

The Creddiers on Twitter honestly don't get iStart a Fanwar. It's not about the shipping, its about the comedy.

If Dan wanted to hav Seddie- he would have had it earlier

If he wanted Creddie- he would've had it earlier(I mean them dating, not the crush)

Dan did none of those things, so.... He is neutral!

And even if he isn't, doesn't mean people should call him stupid for making a ship happen.

Dan is Dan, Fans are Fans. Dan's way, not ours. He will make a certain ship happen, then we, as fans have to deal with it.

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