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Its been too long!

But first.........Let me explain why I left.

After iLove You aired..... I was feeling down. I hated my self for it, but I was feeling sad. Other than that, peoople at school were teasing me saying 'Seddie isnt meant to be!' and stuff like that. I felt......mad. Mad at Dan. Mad at Carly, Mad at Seddie. Mad at the world! I left. I hated them. And I didnt watch any other episode of iCarly. I didnt watch iQ, iStill Psycho, iMeet The First Lady, or iToes Fatcakes......and I dont plan on watching them anymore. I didnt believe in Seddie anymore. I changed. But then.........I realized how important this family means to me(Meaning you guys, like Cookie, Chizzy, PSFP, Alica, Crunchy, Churchy Dino, and Squishy, and other people). And I missed

  • The blocking of people 12 and younger
  • Sophie's mishap
  • MSW's "death"
  • A lot of people coming here
  • A lot of people leaving

But, I missed you all.

I hoped you missed me...................

Because you guys are family.



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