Ok. Yeah I know. Stupid title.

But its much worse from what I've been hearing.

Nathan is stupid!

OMG Creddie is gonna happen cuz they mentioned it!

OMG Seddie is going to happen becuz Nathan said it was more interesting!

I hate Madisen being on iCarly. She's a b****.

OMG I hate Madisen beuz she's playing Freddie's love interest.

And so on and so forth.

Well. Two words, no four.

SHUT THE HECK UP.(Ok, thats a little mean) I mean, Please calm down.

Dan is unpredictable. He can do anything. Don't go hating on Dan just because Madisen's on iCarly or your ship didn't get mentioned. Now lets split this up into sections.

Madisen being on iCarly.

Ok, yeah I know, I'm a little late. But who cares. GUYS, Madisen is only in one episode. ONE. How can you be a permanent gf if your only in one? Ya cant. Second of all, its not gonna ruin Seddie or Creddie or blah blah blah. ITS NOT. There is going to be another episode. I garuntee it. There is a reason for putting Madisen on iCarly. Maybe to get Sam or Carly jealous. And don't go hating on Nathan either. He did nothing wrong. Rant on Madisen is over.

OMG Creddie/Seddie is gonna happen!

Creddiers- Congratulations on iSYL being mentioned!

Seddiers- Doesn't mean Creddie's gonna happen.

All- Neither ship looks like its gonna happen any time soon. Sorry. My opinion.

Seddiers- Yes. Freddie did say he loved her. Maybe he still does. Calm down.

Creddiers- ok. They mentioned it. Cool. But its uncertain if any ship will happen.

All- Nathan's U-Stream is real. Yes. He did say Seddie was more interesting. But he said Creddie was more real. So, he is on neither side.

On another word....

I hope u read this. Just some simple logic put into your brains. But, you cannot control Dan, or Nathan, or any other person. Its his show, and he can do whatever he wants with it. He has a right to do thata u know. Don't go screaming at him. That way he wont make any more shows, cuz he cant make EVERYONE happy.. So please stop.

Sorry if this has come out mean, Oh well:P


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