One day, many people will leave.

One day, iCarly will end.

One day, this wiki will be abandoned.

One day, this wiki will be dead.

But we can stop that, those last two.

Many people have left already.

Many people are losing hope.

The hackers, the impersonators, the pedo.

I hope you are happy.

You have ruined this wiki,

and this wiki is dying quickly than I ever imagined.

But we can stop that.

When you see a hacker, ignore and dont answer.

When you see an impersonator, don't answer and ignore.

When you see a pedo, talk to an admin immedietly.

Don't leave.

We can save this wiki. We can.

We aren't trying hard enough.

If you are in and agree with me, comment saying, I agree.

Get this to the popular blog posts, so everyone can see it.

This needs to get out.

We can save this wiki.

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