Ok, so I have read some predictions that think Freddie and Sam date because they are testing it. Other fans do not want to hear that, so they think it is real, that Freddie loves Sam back, and they are happy.

I can't decide, so I want to hear your opinions with reasons, and what will happen between the two.

What I think will happen

So, Sam checks herself in a mental hospital, Freddie and Carly are in the studio, and they have a call bout Sam in the mental place. They rush down there. Carly talks to Sam first, and then the whole "Sam loves Freddie" thing. Carly goes out, and meets with Gibby and talks to Caleb, while Freddie is with Sam. Freddie is with Sam and they talk bout the kiss. Then, while sam is explaining, Freddie kisses her, Maybe to shut her up or something....IDK, I have a crazy mind.

I just want to hear yOUR opinions.

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