Birthday-December 25th

Eye Color-Hazel

Hair Color-Brown



Favorite Colors-Turquoise, blue, green

Favorite Food-Brownies, watermelon, candy!

Sports-Soccer, softball, tennis

Extracuricular Activities-?

Favorite School Subject-Recess!!!!! LOL JK, Science

Least Favorite School Subject-Reading La.


Music-Violin, learning guitar, singing, partially piano.

One Interesting Fact-I like Foxes and I am an Alien

Another Interesting fact-I like pie.

Most Embarrasing moment-When........uh.....I fell in front of my crush

Favorite TV Shows-iCarly,Victorius, Family Guy, Adventure Time:)

Favorite Movie-Ace Ventura Pet Detective


School Life-Ok, TONS of drama though:P

Things I hate-Trolls.

Things I like-Nyan Cat.

Favourite Youtubers-Nyan Cat.

My Username-FreddieSeddieI'mReady

My favorite people on this Wikia-CookieMischeif, Candy, Holy Chizzy, PSFP, TaraBridgette, ChurchPants, DryYoshi, MagicBoots, EpicnezzEmily, Sunrise Daisy, Samlovesham:)

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