Hello, Alien here.



I'm sure you all heard of the Rage Faces!


Oh boy.

Well, there is the troll (The one where u type [troll])

There is the Rage, the one that goes 'FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU"

There is the Y U No Guy, I'm sure everyone knows him.

There is the ME GUSTA, and thats pretty popular.

There is the LOL guy.

And there is the all time daring "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" one.

I will show you the quiz, and you will comment the answers! Here it is!

1)In your group of friends(or friend), which one are you?

A) The jokester, B) The complainer, C) The Daring one, D) The one who laughs all the time, E) The annoyed one, and F) The one who admires everything

2) Whats your favorite thing to do?

A) Practical jokes!!! B) Eat food and criticize C) Ding Dong Ditch D) Watch comedy movies E) Yell at your parents, F) Go on the iCarly Wikia

3)What do you do to your crush?

A) Prank her/him! B)Ask her/him why she/he wont date you, C) Ask her/him out. D) Laugh at all of her/his jokes E) Yell at him. F) Stare at him.

4)What would you do if Creddie/Seddie happened?

A) Play pranks on the opposite ship B)Complain that your ship didnt happen the way you wanted it, C) Brag D) Laugh at the opposite ship E) Scream "NOOOOO!" over and over F) Spazz

Thats the quiz! After you comment ur answers, i will tell you which one you are!!

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