Hello All,

If you didn't look at the title, I am here to explain the reasons why I ship Seddie.

The way Sam has been hiding feelings for Freddie

As Carly said in iDate Sam and Freddie, they spent years hating each other, and it's nice to see them all kissy. But I have one question, Did Sam actually Hate Freddie all those years? My answer is: YES. She hated him in Season 1. He hated her in Season 1. iKiss came along. Sam felt a little closer to Freddie, but it isn't like yet. Bike accident: BOOM! iSpeed Date: DOUBLE BOOM! Sam's found a crush. iOMG, the way she kisses him make this statement true(even though it always has been) ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!

The emotional Rollar Coaster they always rode

I admit it. Last Saturday I saw Bipolar people on TV. Was I mad? NO! Did Iike it? YES! Was this what I Expected? YES! (A/N People who didn't expect it, what were you expecting? Lovey-Dovey? Or all fighty? They did BOTH!) Its called the Emotional Rollar Coaster. That's Sam and Freddie's favorite ride. I love how they are bipolar and go from hate to love to hate to love to hate to love. Its what makes them amazing. Its what makes them special. Its what makes them THEM! This is why the relationship is called Love-Hate!

And my last one(Yes...Its gonna be short) The way they never changed.

They still argue. They still fight. They are dating. Dan is a GOD. He could do anything with his show. He will make Sam and Freddie stay like they are. How do I know this? Two words: iStill Psycho! (Or is that 3?) Remember that clip? It proves it! They won't change! So stop0 worrying and ship Seddie xD You don't have too:)

I'm sorry its really short. I had little amount of time! I have more reasons...I just put the most important ones! Please read and comment!

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