Ok, so I saw a couple of Creddiers say in comments that when Seddie broke up, Freddie would automatically love Carly again and Carly would love Freddie and go out. But what they said after threw me off the hook.

And Sam would be so happy for them.

Why do I dissagree? Because Sam is in love. Love is something that cannot change right away. You cannot just throw it away like a piece of trash. Love stays, and it stays for a really long time.

But some people might be thinking Oh, but Carly is happy for them, and she dated Freddie!

But that happened a year ago.

If Creddie gets together now, Sam would be crushed. She'd feel like a loner with no Boyfriend.

Lemme tell you the real reason I wrote this blog and HOW its true.

I was once in love. Last year. I asked a boy out, and he said yes. But shortly after, he dumped me because I wasn't his type.

I still liked him for 6 months! And everytime he talked about another girl I always got jealous.

Now let me ask you the question again.

How would Sam feel?

FreddieSeddieI'mReady:Help? Got to my talk page:) 13:28, August 21, 2011 (UTC)

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