Well, first of all, credits go to Churchpants. She wrote a blog about it. Now I am writing one too.

3 words I am gonna say right now:

Title. Says. All.

The age limit on this wiki is 12 and up, am I right?

But.....people 12 and up are not the only ones who watch iCarly.

My 8 year old cousin watches iCarly.

So why can't she be on this website?

Now, I know people younger come here anyway. But this is not the full thing.

You have to be 13 or up to be a mod? Because 12 and younger are not mature enough? That's not right.....Discrimination is what its called. Predjudice also. Its not right.

Now, people might be thinking Oh, but you are a rollback, so quit complaining.

But a lot of my friends who are rollbacks are mods.

That's why.

So I think we should fix this rule, and let our behaivor say otherwise.

(Sorry for my rant...needed to get this out.) ALIEN IS READYYOU MAY SPEAK TO ME. 20:14, August 29, 2011 (UTC)

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