I think Carly can be funny sometimes but one thing that really bugs me is that Carly may be a mary sue(ex.Bella swan)

  1. 1."All of the characters love a Mary Sue because she is talented,beautiful,nice,helpful and she often drives readers crazy because of how perfect she is she is a one-dimensional character" -Carly is considered gorgeous,gets good grades,is nice,considered charming, gets basically everything she wants(ex.her new room), and most people on websites say there least favorite character on iCarly is Carly, this behavior would not be so bad if she was a side character but she is the main character which in the definition says that is worse.
  1. 2."A Mary Sue will usually get any love interest she wants easily"- Carly got 752 guys on Ispeed date, she got to date griffin, she got to date shane , its obvious she will date adam
  1. 3."A Mary Sue will usually have everything handed to her easily the author may give her a perfect lifestyle, friends,powers, fashion which tends to bore readers because of how unrealistic she maybe readers can't really relate to her"- This sum's Carly up

and other people seem to not like her character either;_ylt=Ai4E9pIHB4hIj8S0J6bN8jzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20081111124943AA7XDu7

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