Hey guys! So umm, I was thinking today and I just wanna share something with you guys.

My best friend (well, one of them) Iretomiwa Grace Oni (Nigerian Name), passed away August 9th, 2011 at 5 in the morning. She had autoimmune encephalitis (idk if I spelled that right) and she was in ICU for a month. She asked to see me and I never got to see her. See, I am a christian and my parents are officers in The Salvation Army and she was also a very strong believer in God. She has such great faith. She told her aunt to tell her parents the first day in ICU that Jesus was holding her hand and that it was going to be okay. She said she saw heaven and God told her it was going to be over soon. Whenever she had a chance, she told someone about Jesus. She never stopped talking about him! She was so optimistic and always joyful and always started every morning by singing hymn tunes. She was only 13.

Now, I'm not telling you this to get you sad, I'm telling you this because if you ever get mad at something, just remember that God has a reason for it and it will eventually turn out right. God is good! Always trust in him and believe because he loves you :) One day, you could see Him in heaven, if you accept into your hearts.


P.S. Tomi was actually the one who gave me my nicknames, like Furmanator(:

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