Alright, let me start off by saying that my dreams are mostly always insane. They really are. So this particular dream I had last night won't be such a big deal, right?

See, I have had some pretty...abnormal dreams - I had one about my Dad being eaten by a goat, a gunfight with a sheriff at a resort, a little baby sister born with only a head and was stolen by some rich dude from the goverment, my mother and I being chased by aliens, and, you know, this one:

I dreamt just last night that, uh, a special guy (that I'm supposed to not like anymore) confessed his feelings for me. Couple feelings. Love feelings. Feelings he really shouldn't have. And for once in our non-existent, one-sided, disgustingly platonic relationship, I was the one wearing the pants; I was the one who could break his heart. But sadly, I don't remember much about what happened next.

Like I said before, I have had some pretty abnormal dreams. Let's not make them a reality.

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