Hello there, blog readers. :)

January was a pretty big month for me. It had so many events I don't think i could fit them all in one blog post. :P But since I need some reminiscing, let's talk. :)

Well, I guess the biggest thing that happened to me was that my grandparents and aunt moved out of our house to live in some new fancy home somewhere near. I think it was called E.T. Homes...? I'm not kidding. E.T. Homes.

So, of course, my parents went on a crazy rampage, moving this couch over there, and moving that table over here, and doing this and that. Worst of all, they made me carry a VERY large, VERY heavy table made of Narra wood. Which, if you don't know, is known to be sturdy, strong, and NOT TO BE CARRIED BY THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLDS.
I also get to design my new room on Saturday.

What I want.


What I'll get.

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