Alright, this blog post is for The Hunger Games fanatics. :)

I just started readimg the books after I heard about the plot via internet, and I have to say, it's a true gem. The writing is exquisite, the characters are wonderful, and the Games in general's underscribable. I fell in love with every single detail of the trilogy, going back to past chapters and skimming the other books.

I also fell in love with Peeta and Katniss.

I know there are Team Gale (please, please don't let this be like Twilight) fans that disagree, but honestly, there's just something about Peeta and Katniss together that Something so pure, something exactly out of a fairytale. It gives you hope that maybe you'll find someone like him, or at least someone remotely close.

I practically stalked the cast yesterday, watching interviews and looking at fansites. They're all famous in their own right, and they deserve all the praise we can give them.

So, any thoughts about the book?

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