Yes, I may have to leave this wiki. I don't know for how long but I will explain WHY I might have to leave. (This will be a fairly short blog so yeah xD.) Well anyways I'm not going to tell you guys all of it because it's a bit personal but what I can tell you is lately I have been having trouble controling my temper. Well my parents are sick of it (mainly me dad) and today I got into trouble and he took away my iTouch until futher notice. He also said that if while he's gone if I do something to get into trouble then he will not allow me on the computer for fun anymore. And I already know that I can't control my temper so I guess this will have to be goodbye so yeah bye... Edit: I honestly hope you guys don't kill me for this edit so yeah. Well turns out my dad won't punish me that harshly. Okay so on Sunday I didn't wanna go to church but then I got sick and then I didn't get ready for church and got into a lot of trouble. My dad threatned me with that threat and took away my iTouch forever. Well today I went to the doctor because I was so sick and chiz and well they said there WAS something wrong with me and I might have to go to the hospital, well long story short my dad found out and called and said that he was sorry and took away everything he said because he realized I wasn't lying. andnothisisnotawayformetogetattetioniambecausedeadserioushere. So anyways I get to stay but pray for me because this is kinda sorta serious now uhm yeah I AM SORRY FOR SCARING YOU GUYS I REALLY AM BUT I DIDN'T KNOW THIS CHIZ WOULD HAPPEN SO DON'T KILL/HURT ME! D:

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