• Gelo Fabian

    Hey guys! Sorry if this is late. I attended a party when it was Jennette's and Ariana's bday, I had homework yesterday, slept, and was so tired and didn't get the chance to write this blog. Anyways, to those who commented, thanks! and im very sorry if u weren't put. I don't wanna put too much. I focused on her bday pics and more pics. To those who watched it, thanks so much! If you have a YouTube, please comment like and subscribe!And I hope jennette/Dan will see it. Help me by giving the link to them! Now here's the video and hope you guys send:

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  • Gelo Fabian

    Hey guys! So I'm making this bday video for Jennette and i only have 123 followers and not all of them watch iCarly. But most of them like iCarly but they don't give bday tweets to her for my bday video. So if you comment here, I will automatically put it in my video. I don't know how much but hope there's many! Comment and your comment will be in my bday video! Happy Advanced Bday to Jennette!

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  • Gelo Fabian

    Hey guys! So I see many comments that some don't and like iPsycho. Personally, I know that it's just the same set for almost the whole hour. But actually, it's one of the best episodes of all time for me! In your opinion, do you like it or hate it? Rumors say it's iPsycho the sequel but I say I'm not sure. I'll say it can be something else. Maybe Maurice is just making a cameo or something. So Hate or Like?

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  • Gelo Fabian

    This is an off-topic blog on iCarly. So here in the Philippines, there is this very windy and very rainy storm named Falcon. It's SO rainy and windy this day! I asked @LaneNapper if he can make a shoutout to the Philippines and he did! :)) To wiki filipino fans, hope you guys are safe! Especially if your parents are in traffic cuz of work! And to all iCarly Wiki people, be safe all over the world! Filipino User, GELO!

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  • Gelo Fabian

    My fanfic promo for iGet a Girl!

    Bold- Narrator

    Italized- Scenery

    Normal- Lines, etc.

    Freddie gets a girlfriend on the new girl

    School hallway

    Freddie: You're so kind!

    Tammy (Jillian Clare): You're so hot!

    • laughs and Freddie makes a weird face*

    And keeps it...A SECRET

    Freddie's room

    Freddie: No one should know that we're dating!

    Tammy: Right

    Freddie: Especially my mom who thinks we're friends and especially Carly and Sam!

    • laughs*

    Tammy: Sure!

    Will Carly and Sam find out?

    Carly's Room

    Carly: Freddie and that new girl are close!

    Sam: Are they together?

    Carly: Psh, of course not! It's not like friends keep secrets!

    With guest star Jillian Clare as Tammy

    Freddie's Bedroom

    Tammy: Nice!

    iGet a Girl, this July

    Miranda, Jennette, Nathan: Only on nick

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