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Mystery Pic=iCarly 2011 Taping

Hey guys! So I went to Jennette's tumblr (even though I don't have one) I checked it and saw a pic with GRIFFIN! It is soo obvious it was taped maybe this week cuz look at Sam's hairstyle and outfit. She looks "girlier" in Season 4. So, what do u guys think? What episode is this? What is this about? They look like they are on their outfits for filming. How many eppies do they film for a week? Cuz they are done with iDate Sam and Freddie (maybe title) Jennette has a picture with a script that I think says "iTake a Cruise

Jennette with the iCarly script maybe an episode after what they are filming

r" or something but Dan posted a video with that outfit meaning that could have been in table read. But, GRIFFIN?! Check this out and pleese comment! Gelo Fabian 13:27, May 7, 2011 (UTC)


Griffin and Sam. Looks like they are in the ending scene in iOMG

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