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iCarly iOMG Part 2 Prediction Script

THIS IS NOT FOR SHIP-WARRING! I'm a Seddie shipper but I always try to put ALL ships.

Scene 1: Spencer gets out of the box

Gibby: Spencer...You might not see for a while

Spencer: What? NO.

Gibby: You were stuck for 6 hours!

Spencer: So...

Gibby: You're only allowed until 3 hours. But you slept from the gas and the chowder.

Spencer: Carlotta's fault!

Gibby: Who's.....

Spencer: Carly

Gibby: Ah.

Scene 2: Sam sees Carly

Sam: It's cool? But I always hurt you

(Carly looking at the window)

Sam: A lot

Freddie: You said sorry! I don't wanna say something mean! I know Carly tells you to make a move to someone who you love and then...


Freddie: What do you mean...

Sam: Look at the window

Freddie: CARLY!

(Carly runs away screaming; going to Brad)

Sam: She might go to Brad

Freddie: weeeaaaahhh

Sam: It's some serious chiz!

Freddie: But I have to tell you something important!

Sam: Tell me!

Freddie: Why didn't you act different when you started "loving" me?

Sam: I'm nervous. When Brad became our intern, there are 2 guys now. I can "pretend" to "like" Brad

Freddie: So the whole time

Sam: Yup

Freddie: I've been pranked on someone who loves me!

Scene 3: Brad packing up the project.

Carly: BRAD!

Brad: Hey Carly!

Carly: It's something about Sam

Brad: Let me guess...she loves Freddie!

Carly: But...

Brad: I know! Freddie told me about the "in love" thing and Sam said she doesn't love me. So it's obvious she likes Freddie!

Carly: But do you like her?

Brad: I don't have much interests on girls!

Carly: REALLY?

Brad: Yeah

Sam: Brad!

Brad: I know

Sam: Carly!

Freddie: Pranked you, SAMANTHA! I told Brad about the mood and you denying your love. BRAD IS SMART!

Sam: Oh yeah.

Carly: Freddie, can I talk to you?

Sam: Yeah Doofus, talk to Carly!

Freddie: Fine Sapuckett

Sam: Stop it Benson!

Freddie: Did you tell about Sam kissing me to Brad?

Carly: No.

Freddie: Oooh! A phone call

Mrs. Benson in the phone: Freddie go home! You need your ointment!

Freddie: Mom!

Mrs. Benson in he phone: Freddie

Freddie: Okay. Bye mom!

Carly: Hey!


Freddie: Can we just not talk about it!

Carly: NO. We can't just not talk about it

Freddie: But my mom's waiting for me to...

Carly: I don't care. Are you in love? (ADDED PART) Like LOVE LOVE!

My own next version of the script

Freddie: Are those eye bugs?

Carly: Are you in love with me or not?

Freddie: I didn't say I love you.

Carly: But (changes the subject) Are you in love or not!

Freddie: Yes


Carly: With...

Sam: What's up!

Freddie: Carly's bugging me. She keeps on asking me if I'm in love.

Carly: Nevermind!

Gibby: Spencer's leaving and his eyes!


Spencer: Heeeeellllpppp meeeee

Carly: Oh he's cool

Scene 4: The next day starts in the Shay's apartment

Spencer: Finally! I can see!

Carly, Sam, Freddie: Wooah aahh

Brad: I know what all of you are up to!

Sam: Brad I can explain

Brad: You're not eating my fudge!

Sam: Oh yeah

Carly: Right

Freddie: Ocho!

Gibby: I got all of our cards! Sam you got a C

Freddie: Woah

Carly: Sssaammm???

Gibby: YEAH! Carly you got a B, I got a C+, Brad's new but he got an A+ for his project, and Freddie got A+ overall

Brad: YES!

Freddie: Muchos!!

Carly: B! Yesssssshhhh

Brad: Got to go guys. Bye!

Carly, Sam, Spencer, Freddie, Gibby: Bye!

Carly: Are you crying?

Sam: No. I died laughing at this.

Freddie: Ewww... WHAT IS THAT!

Sam: A bladder

Carly: Yuck. Why did you guys kiss!

Sam: I love Freddie! (Freddie, Spencer and Gibby faint)

Scene 5: Freddie, Spencer, and Gibby wake up

Sam: Look. I love Freddie because he kissed me and I felt that Freddie is my love!

(Gibby and Spencer faint again)

Freddie speaking to himself: I think I have a crush on Sam!

Carly: Gotta wake up. Guys go outside. Bye now!

Sam and Freddie: Bye!

Scene 6: The hallway (FINAL SCENE)

Freddie: Sam

Sam: Yeah

Freddie: I think I'm having double minds

Sam: huh

Freddie: I like Carly, and I think I have a crush on you

Sam: Woah

Freddie: Don't tell anyone

Sam: I won't!

Freddie: Good.

(Freddie hugs Sam for 7 seconds)

Freddie: Sam...I like you and Carly

Sam: A triangle on us?

Freddie: No. I'm beginning to loose my crush on Carly and adding a bit from you. But I still like Carly. I'm just developing a bit for you.

Sam: Well I guess you're in love.

Carly: Hey!

Sam: Heyo

Freddie: I like both of you.

Carly: It's cool. I don't care. It's a crush.

(The trio hug)

Freddie: I like my best friends!

Carly: Cute.

Sam: Sweet.

Freddie: Well. Seddie and Creddie are now happening. Cause Fredward Benson likes Sam and Carly.

Scene 7: Credits

Freddie: Heyo hobos and peeps! I know in Webicon you guys fighted. Seddie and Creddie should be together! I'm beginning to like both at the same. So, no more wars! -Fredward Benson


Freddie begins to like both of his best friends. Carly accepts it. The ending credits is a new Freddie blog with Seddie and Creddie. He said NO MORE SHIP WARS; marking Freddie liking both of his best friends. No more ship-wars, everything ends. iCarly won't end. It's still a normal iCarly. It's just that Sam will always say sorry and be sorry for her doings with Freddie and Carly is just normal.


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