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iDS&F Promo Speculation

So my speculation for the promo:

Voice: You've seen it

Carly in iOMG: I'm not coming back

Voice: You've experienced it

Sam in iOMG: Congratulations

Voice: You've seen iOMG

Sam and Freddie's kiss

Voice: Now see something new

A logo forms

Voice: iDate Sam and Freddie

Shows 4 clips in slow motion

  • Carly with her mask
  • Sam and Freddie enter the purple resto
  • Spencer goes to the door
  • Carly lying down on her bed with her mask, Sam and Freddie sitting down the chair near the bed

Voice: The sequel to iOMG

Freddie: Amigo!

Voice: Might be the biggest

Spencer: We're going fishing!

Voice: Sequel

Carly: You have to go on a date

Sam: Ugh

Voice: Ever


Freddie: Why me?

Voice: Don't miss this unforgettable

Carly takes a big deep breath

Voice: iCarly sequel


Voice: of a lifetime!

Freddie: Nyeh

Sam: Whatever

Voice: iDate Sam and Freddie, June 25 (idk)

Carly: I can't wait


Sam: Oh jeez

So what'd you guys think? I know it's not that nice but what do u guys think?

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