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iFall Promo

Narrator: It's the 1st part of the 2-part special of iCarly!

Sam: Ya right!

Narrator: If you don't believe me, do you want me to spill it?

Carly: NO!

Freddie: But, say some about it!

Narrator: Okay Freddie! Well, Carly and Sam fall in love for the new student!

  • Carly: Who's he?
  • Freddie: It's the new guy.
  • Sam: It's Max!

Narrator: But remember? They have a promise from iSaw Him First! What now?

  • Carly: Oh my, we have a promise!
  • Sam: Yaaa. BREAK IT!
  • Carly: NO SAM.
  • Freddie: Well...

Narrator: Will they break the promise or fall in love with SOMEONE ELSE????? Meanwhile...

  • Spencer: But Ms!
  • Ms. Briggs: NO! You must be a substitute teacher!
  • Spencer: Oh My!

Narrator: Find out all in iFall Part 1!

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