My fanfic promo for iGet a Girl!

Bold- Narrator

Italized- Scenery

Normal- Lines, etc.


Freddie gets a girlfriend on the new girl

School hallway

Freddie: You're so kind!

Tammy (Jillian Clare): You're so hot!

  • laughs and Freddie makes a weird face*

And keeps it...A SECRET

Freddie's room

Freddie: No one should know that we're dating!

Tammy: Right

Freddie: Especially my mom who thinks we're friends and especially Carly and Sam!

  • laughs*

Tammy: Sure!

Will Carly and Sam find out?

Carly's Room

Carly: Freddie and that new girl are close!

Sam: Are they together?

Carly: Psh, of course not! It's not like friends keep secrets!

With guest star Jillian Clare as Tammy

Freddie's Bedroom

Tammy: Nice!

iGet a Girl, this July

Miranda, Jennette, Nathan: Only on nick

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