iHave a Trick is the 4th episode for my 5th season of iCarly!!!!!!!


Nevel takes over iCarly as the new manager because Spencer once again changes his credit card for Groovie Smoothies. So, Nevel ruins iCarly until iCarly only has 1 viewer left; Mandy. So, Mandy tries her best to help the iCarly gang in reuinting iCarly and getting their fans back. In the end, Nevel says sorry and becomes friends with the iCarly trio while guesting in their web show to reunite the web show. Nevel becomes friends because of Mandy's plan; making the iCarly gang hack Nevelocity. Meanwhile, Miriet thinks that girls is better. But, Spencer and Gibby refuses to. So, Miriet challenges them in a duel. In the end, it is a tie and they get pizza.

Production and Trivia

  • The episode features the 2nd to the last appearance of Mandy Valdez.
  • Mandy is not the crazy iCarly fan already. She became an investigator-type girl since iStart a Fanwar, as said by Mandy because of the fight and Carly's opinions.
  • Freddie and Sam barely talked in the episode because Carly said they have soar throat.
  • Sam was wearing purple and Carly was wearing maroon.
  • Production features the most iCarly sets ever. It features the apartment, the iCarly studio, Freddie's apartment, Sam's house, Miriet's house, Groovie Smoothies, Pizzaria, Nevel's computer room, Ridgeway, the Bushwell basement, and the outside of Bushwell Plaza.
  • Mandy mostly features the jokes in the episode.
  • The episode only has 1 Seddie and Creddie hint but mostly Cevel, Mencer, and Marly (Mandy and iCarly trio) hints.

Seddie and Creddie Hints

  • Seddie: Sam and Freddie were both wearing purple.
  • Creddie: Carly wore Maroon and Freddie made a comment ("Wow! I love maroon!")

Cevel and Mencer Hints

  • Cevel Hints: Carly trusts Nevel. Nevel first becomes friends with Carly. Nevel and Carly hugged.
  • Mencer Hints: Miriet and Spencer were not much battling in the duel than Gibby vs. Miriet does. Spencer and Miriet shaked hands and hugged in the episode. Spencer thinks Miriet should be as old as her; this could be a possibility that Spencer has a crush on her.

Marly Hints

  • Mandy thinks that she hates being an obssessed iCarly fan; which the iCarly trio wants it to be.
  • Carly and Sam thanked Mandy while Freddie hugged Mandy.
  • Carly didn't freak out about Mandy because she and the trio found out that she is not crazy.
  • Mandy are good friends with iCarly since the obssession was gone.

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