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iMight End iCarly Part 2

Now we're back for the special iCarly Event iMight End iCarly!

Scene at Shay's Apartment:

Spencer: Hey iCarly!

Carly: Hey!


Freddie: Hello!

Spencer: So, listen; I invited Gibby, Guppy, and Socko to go with me to go to Los Angeles to go to SculptCon.

Sam: And…

Spencer: Nothing. BYE GUYS!

Sam and Carly: Bye

Freddie: OLA!

Sam: WAIT! Spencer, can we go with you?

Spencer: Sure. Why?

Sam: I wanna go to the Fat Cakes Factory!

Carly: Fat Cakes?

Freddie (whispers): I think that’s cute!

Carly: What?

Freddie: Nothing


From iThink They Kissed:

Sam: We promise. NO MORE SECRETS.

Freddie: Never again!

Sam: From now on, we tell each other everything.


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