iNeed More Comedy is the 5th episode for my version of the 5th season of iCarly!!!


Miriet thinks that fans think that iCarly is loosing viewers because it has less comedy than before. On the next day, Sam and Carly do iCarly. They find out they're loosing viewers because of comedy lost. So, Miriet tries to help Carly and Sam in trying to make more jokes and comedy. Meanwhile, Freddie, Spencer, Guppy, and Gibby go "Boys Day Off" by making the best iCarly sculpture ever as a help for the more comedy iCarly.


  • Freddie said a long saying. The saying took 5 seconds. "WHAT ICARLY SCULPTURE I THOUGHT ITS A DAY OFF HOW DARE YOU BUT ITS FOR ICARLY SO I WILL DO BUT ITS A DAY OFF! I NEED A DAY OFF FROM WORK." But, he did do the sculpture for the show.
  • Freddie was the only one who communicated with the 3 girls in the episode.
  • Sam was not that violent in the episode.

Seddie Hints

  • Freddie said "Sam, do you have a crush on someone?" Then, Sam answered "NO! If I had a crush, it might be you."
  • Freddie and Sam are seperated at the episode. But, while the boys are making the sculpture, there is a sign that says Seddie!
  • Carly asked "Freddie do you like me?" Freddie answered maybe. He may like Carly or Sam.

Creddie Hints

  • Carly said "Freddie, do you like me?" Then Freddie said "Maybe yes, Maybe no."
  • Carly made a reference from iStart a Fanwar. She said "Me and Freddie aren't dating." But, Freddie said "Aww!" So, Freddie is sometimes over or not over Carly.

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