So hey guys! I realized that most hate iSell Penny-Tees. Well even I hate the episode. Anyways, I asked my brother. He doesn't much watch iCarly but he saw this and he laughed at the FIRST SCENE only. When they aired the sneak peek I thought it was very good. So, I'm thinking that NOT ALL scenes are bad. So let's review ALL scenes.

Scene 1: 'So for me this is the scene where everyone acts all normal cuz nothing happened. Actually the first scenes of the episode were the only ones good. So this one is funny cuz of the Spaghetti "sauce" which is really Sam's snot, the Show us Your Junk Jingle was awesome, Sam Puckett Legal Defense Fund! The best line for the eppy. Together, we can help Sam get out of juvie, Gibby and Sam's conversation about Yar, the junks, Wheel of Hammers and the mannequin wearing the Penny-Tees, tech foots, and Freddie's explanation. Gibby and Guppy eating the sauce...WEIRD but FUNNY. Banjo! Also, Sam and Carly's conversation about the sauce was very funny. So that's why the scene is epic.

Scene 2: This scene is somewhat 8.5/10. Someone finally friended you was very very nice except for the knife part! THE WORST! It was very violent for people! The whole scene is still very normal and very amazing! But Sam wanting to kill a chicken and barbeque it starts with the very very mean Sam. It's like Tori Gets Stuck. Spencer and Carly's scene was very funny. I like that. But Freddie's knife scenne was very mean. That and Sam's idea to kill a chicken is too much. I know Sam likes chicken but she wants to kill it so much and Freddie's knife scene shouldn't be done. They should have just made Freddie say the line but not the knife carrying. So yeah.

Scene 3: Well I just like to say these...OKAY. Well almost the whole thing is nice with Spencer's act but it's not that funny for a normal Spencer. I know Spencer has more and for some reason I didn't appreciate the scene. It's like Prom Wrecker where Spencer just wants to kiss the hot girl Kristacia wherein Sherry just wants to kiss Andre. Anyways, that's all I'm gonna say.

Scene 4: LOVE THE SONG IN THE BEGINNING! You know the whole scene is very amazing when we premiered it since we didn't see the whole thing yet. It's like a secret Sam episode. But the next scene is the worst! So this scene ends the nice scenes

Scene 5: ABUSE! It's like I hate the writers! It's like they don't want Sam to be more popular than Carly. This is like the worst scene ever. They did that to the recent Tori Gets Stuck where the writers make Jade meaner. I'm watching it now for this review and this is very very NERVE RACKING! I can't help Sam! But the ending with the A-M and N-Z was nice. ONLY THAT. But Sam's treat is still mean.

Scene 6: Very random. Well this scene continues the nice scene 1 and 3 and most scene 2. Gibby, Spencer, and that random guy is epic!

Scene 7: I don't mind the Creddie but you know the Creddie is for something good. This is not like Creddie but Creddie friendship. So they are doing it for good. There it is the Mini PearPad! Actually, I like the scene cuz I'm happy for the kids cuz Sam is very mean to them.

Scene 8: Back to the horribleness! I just hate Sam in the episode but Sam forever! Where are their parents? Their parents should be there cuz they're not caring for their children. Sam said she will do the Penny-Tees herself. Well that is off Sam but maybe that is just for selfishness.

Scene 9: Now I'm very angry at the children. So Sam is right. But if you treat them strict, don't make it super strict. Make it like not much and offer good lunch but don't make too much breaks so that they can do their jobs and have a nice day for the same time.

Scene 10: Last scene with Spencer if the credits are not counted. Well for me I don't appreciate the Spencer. I only liked half of the first part of the subplot, and the last part also but I hate the fact Spencer only wants the girl to pay the trip for Vegas. Gibby still acts Gibby. People I love in the episode: Gibby, Carly, Freddie. Spencer was mean in the last part because of the Vegas part but he was acting as Spencer. So Spencer is half. Sam...I liked her in the end. So overall, this scene is like the second.

Scene 11: Ending. So I like the sorry but I hate the treating to the kids. So I like the apologize but the ending was very mean. I hate the Penny-Tee business by the kids. And are they allowed to steal without permission? Sorry I'm 10 but love iCarly. So overall, the episode is the worst. 5.6/10 overall.

And that wraps it up everyone :)

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