This is my version of the 5th season of iCarly!


  • The episode was first known as "iAm Sick of Nevel."
  • Noah Munck is absent in the episode.
  • The episode's original plot was there was brown out and Nevel steals iCarly again. But, it was changed.


The episode starts with the iCarly trio doing iCarly then suddenly, a brown out arrives in Seattle. Then, the intro is shown. Then, Carly asks Spencer to go to the mall to buy them a generator. But, the generator only causes air conditioners and fans. So, the trio tries to do iCarly outside Bushwell Plaza. But, things don't go very well. So, fans not from Seattle complain. The next week, they do iCarly and only 80,000 viewers watch it. Things go very downhill. So, Carly, Sam, and Freddie do everything to put iCarly back on its 500,000-viewer track. Meanwhile, Spencer meets Socko's family.


  • It is the first time we see Socko in the series and his family.
  • It is the first time we see the Seattle Mall.
  • The song that Carly and Sam was singing was Make It Shine.


  • At the beginning, when they were doing iCarly, it should be in But, the website was
  • Sam was wearing a blue shirt in the ending. But, in another shot in the ending, she was wearing a red shirt. But in another shot, she was wearing blue again.
  • When Spencer was buying the generator, it says "For all uses." But, it is shown for aircon and fans only.

Seddie Hints

  1. Sam was wearing blue in the end and Freddie was wearing red.
  2. Spencer was wearing purple.
  3. When Sam smiles at Freddie, Freddie smiles at her back.
  4. Freddie doesn't care about Sam's insults to him.
  5. Freddie and Sam were both wearing purple.
  6. Sam gives Freddie a Fat Cake.
  7. In the DanWarp goof at the beginning, it says Seddie in it.

Creddie Hints

  1. The generator that Carly wants wasthe color maroon.
  2. Carly makes glances at Freddie.
  3. Freddie gets jealous when Carly was flirting with Austin.
  4. Carly and Freddie hug in the beginning.

Guest Star: Drake Bell as Socko

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