• GermanSausage223

    So...I was watchin' the iCarly intro over 8 times and I noticed some points.Here they are:

    You can watch the intro while reading this.

    0:09 I guess this is from iMeet the first lady.Maybe Carly made a birthday pie for her dad or the first lady.

    0:11 Carly wears the same clothes she wore in this pic:

    0:14 YAY!We get another "The Idiot Farm Girl Who Thought the Cowboy's Mustache Was A Squirrel.I love this!And now even with Spencer.Result:


    0:16 Sam is in Carly's room,eating something(I think it's meat).

    0:19 Sam's in a factory I think,making a weird,funny face.For me it looks alot

    like a Fat-cake Factory!Keep her shirt in your mind...

    0:20 Carly and a boy.Carly looks really happy.The boy looks not familiar to me.It's definitley not Freddie!This mig…

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  • GermanSausage223

    Hi,I am *realy*upset now!=(Wuuaaaahhhh!!! I was checking the Galery of Freddie and I found some stupid out:

    1.There are soooo many pictures of Sam and Carly(for example from iWAPG).

    2.There is a picture of ME!Who put that in this page?WITHOUT my okay?!Are you kidding me?

    And another point:Who has uploaded the picture I made of Sparly?I mean,I have no problems with THAT but please next time ask me if you upload a picture of me,kay?

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  • GermanSausage223

    Hi,it's me.GermanSausage223.

    Today I was soo happy!I cried.I laughed.And that at the same time.

    Wanna know why:I will get a "A"on my testimony.Or in German:Zeugnis.

    I dunno if I spelled the english one right.Whatever.

    I'll get the "A"in English.Sounds random but I LOVE English! Here in Germany it's a foreign language.And I am obsessed with languages.English is the only thing I can be proud of-in school-and I can say "I'm the best here!".

    And it's true.Everyone is talking like"When I you see I kill you."...that's german gramatic.

    My best friend is verry good too and last week she said"I must go away from theese jerks or I'm gonna be sick tomorrow."And NO ONE exept me and my teacher could understand whst she was saying.

    Anyways,I am soo happy!

    Have …

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  • GermanSausage223

    Hey Guys,sooo ...

    I want to talk about iDate Sam&Freddie.

    First of all:I am a Seddie shipper and I'm one of the BIG ones!I would kill for a Seddie-moment.Haha,joking.=)

    Anyways,I don't think iDS&F is a real episode because;

    1.The title is way too 'foreseeable'!!!What I mean is that if you hear the title you already know"Okay,they're goin to date.".And that's stupid!(Not that they date,that we know it)I mean,look at the other titles.For example;"iSaved your life".Okay,I thought first when I saw the title Spencer is getting a cop.No joke.And "iKiss",I thought Carly,Freddie and Sam will make a "kiss-competition".

    You don't know what will happen!You can guess and make speculations but you DON'T know for sure !!!

    2.It would s*ck so much for the creddiers…

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  • GermanSausage223

    Yieah,another user-I forgot the name-has done a blog with some facts about her.I'm going to do that now:

    1.I am OBSESSED with Seddie!

    2.I always cry when I'm listening to Jennette McCurdy songs/perfomances etc.

    3.I ate cat-food and I think it tastes really good.

    4.I don't like Miranda's music.Sry

    5.I love Nutella with cheese(Nutella is chocolate cream for breakfast)

    6.I can't stand to many people! Monday-Wendnesday I was on a trip with my whole class and now I'm sooo anoyed of every one in the world!!!

    7.I love the scream-movies.I watched them last week and I am 12 years old.LOVE IT!

    8.Yesterday my friend Lara called me on the phone and whispered:"Hello Sydney!".I ran into the citchen,took a knife and hid myself in the bathroom.=P

    9.I love qoutes.…

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