Hi,it's me.GermanSausage223.

Today I was soo happy!I cried.I laughed.And that at the same time.

Wanna know why:I will get a "A"on my testimony.Or in German:Zeugnis.

I dunno if I spelled the english one right.Whatever.

I'll get the "A"in English.Sounds random but I LOVE English! Here in Germany it's a foreign language.And I am obsessed with languages.English is the only thing I can be proud of-in school-and I can say "I'm the best here!".

And it's true.Everyone is talking like"When I you see I kill you."...that's german gramatic.

My best friend is verry good too and last week she said"I must go away from theese jerks or I'm gonna be sick tomorrow."And NO ONE exept me and my teacher could understand whst she was saying.

Anyways,I am soo happy!

Have you ever been as happy as I am that you cried?I did when I saw the iOMG ending.^^

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