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Random facts about me

Yieah,another user-I forgot the name-has done a blog with some facts about her.I'm going to do that now:

1.I am OBSESSED with Seddie!

2.I always cry when I'm listening to Jennette McCurdy songs/perfomances etc.

3.I ate cat-food and I think it tastes really good.

4.I don't like Miranda's music.Sry

5.I love Nutella with cheese(Nutella is chocolate cream for breakfast)

6.I can't stand to many people! Monday-Wendnesday I was on a trip with my whole class and now I'm sooo anoyed of every one in the world!!!

7.I love the scream-movies.I watched them last week and I am 12 years old.LOVE IT!

8.Yesterday my friend Lara called me on the phone and whispered:"Hello Sydney!".I ran into the citchen,took a knife and hid myself in the bathroom.=P

9.I love qoutes.For example:

Lara:Can't you be a little more lady-Like???

Me:Screw you!


Lara:Man,theese patch is way to small for me!

Me:Well,next time,do not make s
uch big wounds....

10.My favorite shows are iCarly and Connor Undercover.No one knows that show.....that's sad.

11.My phone is 6 years old and from my mom.

12.I don't take lessons but I love playing piano.

12.Every women in my family(My Mom,her mom,her daughters)sing in soprano.I am the ONLY one with a deep vioce.

13.I can sing like a man.=)

That's it....

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