Hey Guys,sooo ...

I want to talk about iDate Sam&Freddie.

First of all:I am a Seddie shipper and I'm one of the BIG ones!I would kill for a Seddie-moment.Haha,joking.=)

Anyways,I don't think iDS&F is a real episode because;

1.The title is way too 'foreseeable'!!!What I mean is that if you hear the title you already know"Okay,they're goin to date.".And that's stupid!(Not that they date,that we know it)I mean,look at the other titles.For example;"iSaved your life".Okay,I thought first when I saw the title Spencer is getting a cop.No joke.And "iKiss",I thought Carly,Freddie and Sam will make a "kiss-competition".

You don't know what will happen!You can guess and make speculations but you DON'T know for sure !!!

2.It would s*ck so much for the creddiers.

I don't really care anymore about the "What if Seddie happens,how will the credderis act"stuff.

If Creddie happens-what I don't want-Okay....I would maybe deal with it.

If Seddie happens,WOW(hehehe,world of warcraft.)I'd be sooo happy!

But Dan would lose some fans if he keeps this title.

3.(not really about iDate Sam & Freddie,about Seddie in general)

But come one,iCarly can be fun with kissing and stuff.

4.And a thing what's making me sooo angry:

The Creddiers.

I read a relly rude and stupid comment from a Creddier:"If Seddie happens,I will stop watching iCarly!"

Really?Just because Sam and Freddie are in love,Carly is happy for them and gets a new boyfriend.

Are you kidding me???

That is without any respect!!!

That brings the Seddiers down and Dan Schneider.He works so hard for us to make all of us happy but some of you are still mean!

Please give Seddie a chance!

So,that is my thought about the whole"Is it real or not"thing.


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