Hi guys :)

I'm in a total Creddie mood since the latest episode of Icarly XD *cofcofff, Seddie's relationship problems, coffcoff*

Sorry, Seddie shippers, but I'm a Creddie and I can't change my shipper condition, because I LOVE IT! XD

Anyway, I've a question for you: What is your favorite Creddie Moment?

This is my official "list":

- Creddie Dance in "iSpeed Date" *OMG, I loved that part!*

- Creddie Hug in "IChristmas"

- Creddie Nose Kiss *oh, so sweet*

- Creddie Kiss in "iSYL" *Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, pure Creddiness...*

And you?




Creddie Hug

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