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    My reaction to iGoodbye

    November 24, 2012 by GiantKid

    Alright, so I've posted this throughout the boards, but now I am going to have it listed here for all to see since people have been asking my opinion.

    I thought the episode was "okay". I really wanted to love this episode, but I felt like the episode kinda fell apart at the end, voiding only certain scenes. I'll try to explain as much as I can.

    There really isn't too much to complain about the first half hour of this episode, it pretty much plays like a regular episode. My only complaint is that they spent too much time on Gibby/Freddie and not enough time on Carly, you know, the main character of this show. It felt like the episode was revolving around too many of the minor characters instead of the main character...which is a big no, no in the…

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  • GiantKid

    SooOOoo haven't wrote one of these in awhile, and I think it's in due order after placing 2nd in best blogger on this site to post a blog on why I'm a little apprehensive about the finale, and why I will always ship Creddie.

    So let's cut to the chase -


    I think we can all agree that Carly is the main character on this show, I mean, it is called iCarly, and the summary of this show is about Carly and her group of friends as they make a webshow. I've had plenty the debate with my fellow Seddie friends on this forum on why I think she should end with Freddie, and it's not until the finale that it's actually a desperate want for iCarly to end pro-Creddie, as opposed to just shipping Creddie.

    You see, I LOVE Sam's character, she and Carly are …

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  • GiantKid

    Carly quickly ran up to the studio, avoiding the glances from Sam and Freddie as she entered the Shay apartment wiping her tears. As she hurried up the stairs she could hear both Sam and Freddie calling for her as she was ascending to the only place that she found as a sanctuary. The only place where she could control what and what didn't happen, a place where there were no memories of either her Father or Mother to remind her of their absence. There was only friendship, love, and happiness at the top of the Shay's apartment, not sadness, death or rejection.

    As Carly entered the studio she sauntered to the purple bean bag, kneeling down and pressing her forehead against it's cool cloth and surrounding herself to the darkness as she began t…

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  • GiantKid

    Alright, so this article is a little bit early (suppose to be posted on Sundays), but I figured, why not?!

    So, no new episodes, boo. BUT, a new blog from Carly, and it is filled with Creddie goodness.

    Let's take a sit and analyze this puppy. ;)

    So, let's look at the title "Puppy Love." Okay, this is definately screaming Creddie. Why? Well, Seddiers and Creddiers know that Freddie started off having "puppy love" for Carly. Seddiers believe it was JUST this, while Creddiers believe that once Freddie matured, his love for Carly did as well. Either way, the title is pointing out at the fact that there is some "Creddie" involved, and it's right. It's filled with Creddie. :D

    Let's taka a look at this

    "Freddie owes me big time." - Secret feelings there…

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  • GiantKid

    Alright, so this is my first blog post as the new Creddie editor for weekly iCarly news. Hopefully you'll all enjoy it, even if you are a non-Creddie shipper. ;) Keep in mind this is a CREDDIE blog so things might be extremely exaggerated and I might be grasping at straws sometimes, but none the less, remember that I am wearing Creddie goggles and to respect my, and other people's, opinions. ;)

    I'm not going to give a full review of this episode; only the scenes that I thought had potential Creddie moments.

    Alright, so the beginning of iQ is a little less than extraordinary. We have the trio sitting casually at the Groovy Smoothie. Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. Carly and Sam are making fun of Freddie's mom who bought these chicken…

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