Hey! So Christmas is in 15 days and me and Creddie 4 real are starting a fanfic contest called A Very Creddie Christmas. Anyone can enter (yes, that includes Seddie, Cam, Sparly, Spug-Nug, Gencer or whatever shippers) but the fanfic has to follow these rules:

- It has to be based on a Season 4 episode (iStart A Fanwar doesn't count) and have a twisted plot to be about Christmas and end up Creddie. Here's an example of a fanfic that could be entered, based on iGot A Hot Room:

Carly's Christmas presents for Sam and Freddie catch on fire, but she doesn't have time or money to go buy new ones, so she decides to make some herself. Freddie helps her.

Meanwhile, Spencer is on a deadline to finish a candy cane sculpture for a Christmas contest so he hires Gibby's grandfather to do his Christmas shopping for him.

See what I mean?

- It can be however long or short as you want, but each chapter has to be run through with Spell Check really well.

- All fanfics have to be sent to Me and Creddie 4 real will announce the winners on Christmas Eve.

- The contest is open until we have over 30 fanfics because we'll never be able to read any more. If we never get over 30, then, obviously, the contest is open till December 24.

Hope you guys enjoy the contest and the prize for the top 5 winners is a special userbox that says the position you got in the contest.

Merry Christmas!!

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