Well, to celebrate the change of seasons here in Central Alberta from winter (AKA White Hell) to spring (AKA Green Heaven), I was just wondering what season everyone here on the wiki seems to prefer. Mine is fall. All the leaves changing color and falling off the trees are just so awesome and nice to look at. The weather, food (pumpkin pie and apple cider, anyone?), the first frost, the first nights when it's cold enough to sit around a fire, drink hot chocolate and wear gloves (ah, memories) Thanksgiving (which we Canucks celebrate in October) and Halloween and the whole spooky feel of things in mid to late October. Oh yeah, for the fire thing I forgot to mention telling ghost stories. And those are just a few of the things I love about fall.

So, don't be shy. And if you know a good ghost story, don't be too afraid to tell it :)

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