I sort of want to play a game with you guys (not in the creepy way of course). So I want you to name your favorite seddie, creddie, cam, spam, cibby, sibby, fencer, gencer, fibby, and sparly moment. Whether it be a friendship moment, a romantic moment, or a brother/sister moment (sparly). Here are the rules:

1. You can't skip any of them. So you can't say something like "oh I hate creddie." or "seddie is stupid." NONE OF THAT!!! Haha ok I got that out.

2. No arguments on here. There could be disagreements and debates but no arguing.

Got it?? Ok so I will list my favorite moments:

Seddie: their kiss in ikiss. It was the beginning Of seddie <3

Creddie: when Freddie wanted to beat up Steven in iparty with victorious because Steven hurt Carly. It shows that they care for each other.

Cam: when they were hugging each other and crying in iquit icarly. It shows that their friendship is really important to each other.

Spam: in irocked the vote, when Sam was teaching spencer how to lie. It shows that she cares and doesn't want him to get in trouble.

Cibby: in idate Sam and Freddie, when Gibby was crying and Carly hugged him. It was so cute <3

Sibby: in iwin a date where she helps Gibby get Shannon. It shows she wants him to be happy.

Fencer: In ifence when Spencer was teaching Freddie how to fence. They really enjoy hanging out like brothers :)

Gencer: in iquit icarly when they were shooting watermelons. They have the same ideas and they have a lot of fun together.:)

Fibby: when they declared themselves bros in ienrage Gibby :)

Sparly: in itake on dingo, when Carly hugged Spencer because the hobo scared her. It means that she is protected by her big brother.

So comment and tell me....what were your favorite moments???

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