Ok, seddiers, creddiers, whoever is reading this.....hi

This might be the most interesting blog but unfortunately it has nothing to do with icarly.....

I have some things to say and you can put all the hate comments on this or whatever comment you want. This is open discussion. Your opinion is what matters.

About a month ago, a really close family member died, and I had nothing to say. About a week later, this tingly feeling went to my hand every night at exactly 3:42 am but I ignored it. A couple nights ago,I heard someone faintly say "say something.......".

I again ignored just thinking it was my subconscious......and then, I went on a random website and something popped said "say something.........." that is when I really freaked out. I didn't know if I had a stalker or if I was dreaming. It finally stopped after a while but if I tell my parents anything, they will definitely think I'm crazy. I think I am going crazy idk. Now, every time I go somewhere, it feels like everyone is staring at me. I never told anyone about this because they are going to say I have schizophrenia or something. I honestly don't believe I have feels too real....and it was only a one time thing but I am fine now.

Please don't tell me I'm crazy can say anything you want like

" you are a troll making this up. "

Or " get a life and stop telling us your personal issues."

Or anything like that. But please don't call me crazy.

I might be an attention whore or know what, I am just going to say that. It makes me feel better. Oh God why am I posting this???

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