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    Swan song

    July 6, 2011 by Gigi1709

    This is an iCarly fanfic that uses tha Supernatural plot. It’s not about beating the devil. It’s about some dude Sam helped to escape from juvie… I know it sounds stupid, but if you try to ignore that I think it’s not that bad.. You guys tell me if this sounds good enough… really tell me.

    On February 1st 1994, the seventh baby of the day was born in Seattle Medical Center. Being the first born of the governor it was natural that some people were interested in the news and a lot of paparazzi appeared. Three days later in that same hospital another baby was born, nobody really cared about that, but they should have, because that baby turned out to have the most amazing love story in pretty much the whole world. his mother decided to call hi…

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    iFinale part 4 final part

    December 31, 2010 by Gigi1709

    This is the last part, originally it was divided in three, but then I prefered to put all the parts together in one post... enjoy and please feel free to comment, ask, insult (with moderation) :D

    Two minutes to eight. Freddie and Carly were elegantly dressed, the boy with a black tuxedo and the girl with a long red dress. This night emission was special, the most special in fact, tonight was the last iCarly and they have lots of surprises. Everything was ready for the show, everything but…

    “Where’s Sam?” asked the Technical Producer.

    “I’m gonna kill her, she can’t be late to iCarly’s last show”

    “All right, all right… keep it cool… she’ll be here”

    “It’s 7:58”

    “I know, I’m gonna kill her”

    “Kill who?” asked Sam who just arrived.

    “Where’s your dress?…

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    iFinale part 3

    December 30, 2010 by Gigi1709

    When Sam and Carly got to Bushwell Plaza they found Freddie out in the hall, not a surprise at all, but thinking that they wouldn’t meet him there anymore, made them feel like if was a big surprise. They got into Carly’s apartment immediately, Sam sat in the couch, Freddie in front of the computer and Carly opened the refrigerator and asked the other two if they wanted some iced tea, she took three glasses and filled them, one for Freddie, one for Sam and one for her.

    “Man, I’m gonna miss this” said Freddie.

    “Don’t worry. I’m sure there will be iced tea in Massachusetts” said Carly smirking.

    “Yeah, but you won’t be there”

    “Hello, I’m here” said Sam when she felt excluded.

    “Don’t cry, Sam. I suppose I’ll… miss you”

    “I can’t say the same”

    “You jus…

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    iFinale part 2

    December 30, 2010 by Gigi1709

    “You’re really moving?” the question came out from Sam’s mouth with a little insecurity.

    “Yes, I’m”

    “And you knew about this?” now the question was directed to Carly, who nodded. “Why didn’t you tell me about this?”

    “Because I didn’t think it was that important.” Said Freddie with certain calm.

    “It is not that important?! Dude, you’re moving. Of course it’s important… I mean, iCarly is ending next week, and you people didn’t tell me anything?”

    “Calm down, Sam. Freddie told me just before the show”

    Sam turned against Freddie and said “You should have told us before”

    “My mom gave me the big news this morning”

    Sam wasn’t quite sure what to do next so she just walked out of the apartment. A few seconds later Spencer arrived with scratches all over hi…

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    December 29, 2010 by Gigi1709

    There they were, 2011, after a wedding, a webbicon and some weird stuff Carly, Sam and Freddie were ready for another emission of iCarly.

    “And that’s all” said Carly to her friends. “I think the show was awesome”

    “You two were great, girls” said Freddie while turning all the equipment off.


    “Wanna go to the Groovy Smoothie?” asked the boy cheerfully.

    “Sure” replied Sam. “I’m starving”

    “Yeah, lets go” said the brunette.

    Then, the three teens went down by the stairs and were a very familiar voice was yelling one of their names.

    “Fredward Benson, come home right now”

    “Great, now what?” moaned Freddie.

    “You know, after all these years, it’s still hilarious” said the blonde girl with a smile on her face.

    Freddie turn around and look at her with a…

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