• Gir The Robot


    September 2, 2011 by Gir The Robot

    Ok, we Creddie Shippers have seen (and most of us, like me, hated it) iLost My Mind. Now Seddiers are all excited and practically JUMPING out of their skin for iDS&F. IT'S NOT THAT BIG A DEAL!!! So, who cares if Seddie is happening right now? When Creddie happened, were Creddie Shippers this wild? Were they rubbing it in your faces? I called my best friend and the first thing she did was rub that in my face 'cause she ships Seddie. Well, to any Seddie Shippers reading this, you forgot that their is still a chance of hope for Creddie and I won't give that up. I am sick of people saying 'Creddie ain't gonna happen...Creddie sucks, SEDDIE FOREVER' and, really, it's just hurtful to me and maybe other Creddie Shippers. I don't like being put do…

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