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  • Girl U. Dontno

    How to Make Templates?

    December 28, 2010 by Girl U. Dontno

    Hey guys, I've seen a LOT of people with templates on their user pages with titles such as [This user ships Seddie!] or [This user is a Spencer Shay enthusiast!] May I ask... how do you do that? Please make you're responses VERY detailed!

    Okay, I'll be seing you later!

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  • Girl U. Dontno

    HAHA! Sorry, I just HAD to do this! It was so catchy! PLEASE CORRECT ME IN THE COMMENTS IF I GET A LINE WRONG! ... :D [Feel free to LOL at my mistakes!]


    Aspartamay: You maggot, you fool, know you not what you say! Prepare to be PWNED by Aspartamay!

    Aruthor: You look like your hungry, so taste the blade of Aruthor!

    Aspartamay: Your blood, it will boil; your flesh I shall burn it to eternal damnation, but I guess that you've earned it

    Aruthor: You will beg for mercy when I OWN YOU IN THE FACE!

    Aspartamay: I'll thrust my sword through your lilly-white gullet! You look like a troll with a chambermaid's mullet!

    Aruthor: You wear some knickers, stench so foul, that when you're near it makes me HOOOWWWWLLL!!!

    Aspartamay: The feeling's dry and he …

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  • Girl U. Dontno

    Hola Amigos!

    November 22, 2010 by Girl U. Dontno

    Well, I can't say I was pleased. A direct quote from the commercial was "Is it Carly and Freddie? Or is it Sam and Freddie? Who belongs together? And this time, you'll finally find out!" Did we find out? NO! The whole episode was just about a bunch of Creddie/Seddie fans screaming at each other over who belonged with who! We didn't actually get the answer! And not only that, but we got a big, DRAMATIC speech from Carly about how "iCarly isn't about romance, it's about comedy; sometimes you should just watch it and share an apple with a friend!" YEAH, RIGHT!

    Y'all remember the episode iKiss, iSaved Your Life, and iSpeed Date? Tell me those episodes aren't about romance! Dan Schneider needs to clean up his act or he's gonna lose a LOT of fans…

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  • Girl U. Dontno

    Hi Everyone!

    November 22, 2010 by Girl U. Dontno

    Hey guys! I just made my new (and improved) account! I will try my hardest to contribute to the wiki, even if I have no idea what I'm talking about! (JK)

    I love blogging (and ranting), so expect to hear from me often! - Girl U. Dontno 00:00, November 22, 2010 (UTC)

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