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  • Giuliana Marabut

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    February 14, 2011 by Giuliana Marabut

    So today while I was in detention, I decided to write down ALL my random thoughts. I'm supposed to be doing my homework -- BUT we all know that was NOT going to happen! And, of course, my random thoughts are ALL ABOUT FOOD! Hey, at least I'm consistent!

    1. Why do they make croutons so hard that you can't eat them with a fork? I'm not saying I want mushy croutons, I just want croutons that I can stick a fork through! I wonder if there's a crouton complaint department I could speak to about this?

    2. Why would someone choose to buy grapes WITHOUT seeds in them??? Half the fun of eating a grape is spitting seeds at the kid sitting in front of you in math class!

    3. How come people NEVER slip on the banana peels I leave on the ground?? 'Cuz I've be…

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