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  • I live in City of Rhodes,Greece
  • I was born on May 10
  • My occupation is Loving and thinking about my Bella<3
  • I am Male
  • Godlovesusall

    Guess what?

    July 11, 2013 by Godlovesusall

    Hello guys and gals, it's me.

    So, as I found out moments ago, I was "crowned" an admin and I made this blog at the request of Devon. Ummm, normally, for someone other in my place, a long speech would be expected (as if I would earn a Nobel/Oscar/Pulitzer etc prize). You can see how it all started here

    All I have to say is thanks a ton to Devon and Alica for trusting me that much, I am greatly honored by this and I will try my best to be worthy of that. And it goes without saying that I'll try to help everyone who requires my help or wants to ask me something as best I can.

    To conclude this, I hope everyone's doing fine (in real life of course) and I'll be glad to see each and every one of you aroun…

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  • Godlovesusall

    iGraduation Day

    April 29, 2012 by Godlovesusall

    Hello boys and girls!:) How are you? Hope everyone's doing great.

    As I've said, this is the blog with some photos from my graduation (it was on March 30th) if you're intrested. I'll also provide you with some info.

    This is me (duh!) with the university's toga, which must be wore by all graduates during the ceremony.

    Here it's me with my dear mother.

    Me with my older (by 4 years) sister in the above photo.

    Here I am with some of my fellow students and very close friends whom I love VERY deeply and strongly. I get so much warmth, snugness and affection from them-and these are most important to me, even from oxygen:)

    Two more fellow students and close friends of mine, same as above. I'll elaborate.

    A girl that, should you met her, she would remind you of…

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  • Godlovesusall

    Αfter a discussion in one blog, I came up with that. If you’re happy hearing it, say your thanks to OneSingularSensation who encouraged me to do this. If you want to thank me as well, I’ll happily thank you back:)

    Of course the debate must be peaceful. No harsh words should be spoken, no trash talk, nothing offensive or possibly harmful for anyone who reads it. In an attempt to ensure that, judges will be present as well.

    There will be debate teams, one for each side. The teams will take turns and each time, a participant from each team will have the word. If the judges deem that a participant is using inappropriate words or tone, he/she will be disqualified and will be unable to participate any further. If they deem that the situation has e…

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  • Godlovesusall

    The title is pretty self-explanatory I believe, no need for further comments. You can say why you like a particular cartoon if you want.

    Guess I should do the honors. Let's see:

    Tom and Jerry (almost all different shows)

    Scooby Doo (same as above)

    Transformers (all)

    Dog City

    The Flintstones

    The Jetsons

    The Smurfs

    Stop the Pigeon


    The Pinky and the Brain

    He-Man (both shows)





    Casper The Friendly Ghost

    Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs (a minor crush on April:) among other things)

    She-Ra Princess of Power (a bigger crush:) here among other things)

    And now,moving to the most favorite:

    Spongebob Squarepants

    Inspector Gadget

    Batman The Animated Series

    Superman The Animated Series

    Justice League

    Sailor Moon -yeah, …

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  • Godlovesusall

    Hello boys and girls.I hope everyone is doing great.If not,then start doing so!

    To avoid misunderstandings,I only want to see what's your opinion on the matter below,not start a heated debate.

    Let's say that a future episode would be named iStill Love You.You think it should be about what?

    Many,if not most,would say about Seddie right away.Because iLove You was about Seddie,it will be a sequel,much like iStill Psycho.And they exchanged these words.So,why not?

    But(yes there is a but) I believe there would be people who whould say it should be about Creddie-count me in.Why about Creddie? Let's see.Freddie said "I love you" to Sam.But how many times he told Carly the exact same words,long before he told Sam? Yes,I was thinking the same.

    Also,was t…

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