Hello guys and gals, it's me.

So, as I found out moments ago, I was "crowned" an admin and I made this blog at the request of Devon. Ummm, normally, for someone other in my place, a long speech would be expected (as if I would earn a Nobel/Oscar/Pulitzer etc prize). You can see how it all started here

All I have to say is thanks a ton to Devon and Alica for trusting me that much, I am greatly honored by this and I will try my best to be worthy of that. And it goes without saying that I'll try to help everyone who requires my help or wants to ask me something as best I can.

To conclude this, I hope everyone's doing fine (in real life of course) and I'll be glad to see each and every one of you around-no exceptions.

Your pal,


P.S. Seeing your username in bold and your posts in colored font; niiiice ;)

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