Hello boys and girls.I hope everyone is doing great.If not,then start doing so!

To avoid misunderstandings,I only want to see what's your opinion on the matter below,not start a heated debate.

Let's say that a future episode would be named iStill Love You.You think it should be about what?

Many,if not most,would say about Seddie right away.Because iLove You was about Seddie,it will be a sequel,much like iStill Psycho.And they exchanged these words.So,why not?

But(yes there is a but) I believe there would be people who whould say it should be about Creddie-count me in.Why about Creddie? Let's see.Freddie said "I love you" to Sam.But how many times he told Carly the exact same words,long before he told Sam? Yes,I was thinking the same.

Also,was there a moment Freddie did or said something that meant "I don't love Carly anymore,only Sam"? Nope.

Finally,the title could also be about Carly's perspective.My whole point here is that you must look beyond the obvious.

Sorry if you've already discussed that!!:)

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