Αfter a discussion in one blog, I came up with that. If you’re happy hearing it, say your thanks to OneSingularSensation who encouraged me to do this. If you want to thank me as well, I’ll happily thank you back:)

Of course the debate must be peaceful. No harsh words should be spoken, no trash talk, nothing offensive or possibly harmful for anyone who reads it. In an attempt to ensure that, judges will be present as well.

There will be debate teams, one for each side. The teams will take turns and each time, a participant from each team will have the word. If the judges deem that a participant is using inappropriate words or tone, he/she will be disqualified and will be unable to participate any further. If they deem that the situation has escalated out of control, the whole debate may be deleted according to their will.

The representatives for each debate team will be chosen in the according pages. I propose two alternatives for this. Either the team will be formed by the person who won the Hardcore-st Creddie and Seddie Shipper award respectively or all representatives will be selected by the members of each page. Now, since Seddiers are obviously a WAY LOT more in quantity, I believe it’s fair enough that the Seddie team will have more representatives (because more people will want to participate). We’ll see how we handle this at the debate. I’m thinking 5 representatives for team Creddie and 7-8 representatives for team Seddie . When the teams will have formed, they will be made known and the debate will start in a scheduled day and time.

Now again, and to transfer some of OSS’ words to you:

“a planned debate, with both sides presenting each point of view and not spreading hate. We can have judges to step in if anything presented is biased or hurtful.

Each side can vote on a few people who they know can present facts in an unbiased fashion. And let there be no winners :) “

I want it to be wikia-wide. So guys, please, please, be interested in it, if you are, make more people interested in it, make interested people to make even more people to be intrested etc etc (OSS please help with that:) ). Please support:)

At first, I was like “just for the fun of it. Nothing won’t come out”. But now I have high hopes that the gap between Creddiers and Seddiers will be reduced and fortunately, gone for good. Let’s all be more close when this is over, since we all have love inside us for our favorite relationships. Yeah, I’m a hopeless romantic in case you didn’t understand:) God bless you.

Yours sincerely,


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