Ok so I have been recently on the igoodbye wiki page. I've seen comments about the show ending, which is not the topic. Its about Creddie vs. Seddie ENDGAME

I've seen comments like, "I hope Freddie doesn't pick Carly or Creddie all the way." Listen I know about the ship warring and I'm grateful that theres no fighting. But seriously why do some of you guys focus on the ship? I know you thinks its a great relationship, and think it will last. But what about the friendship??? You can't denie that there's a strong friendship between Carly, Sam, and Freddie. I'm more focus on the friendship then Creddie. (Yes I ship Creddie) They've been friends since they were kids or tweens.

I hope that Dan will make no ship ending, that way everyone is happy by making fanfiction or predictions. There will also be no ship warring. I want to know in the comments below how you feel about people saying SEDDIE FOR ENDGAME OR CREDDIE 4EVER.

No hate please I'm just expressing my opinon on the subject :)

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