OK new promo if you havent watched it watch it.

But the promo also makes it seem like Sam thinks she is going crazy. However She is in the same outfit when Carly is saying she likes Freddie and Freddie wants to talk about it. Therefore, its pre-date. Promos could be messing with us to make creddie fans happier but still give seddiers the taste of seddie. Who knows? All I know is that I am super excited. Will Carly keep them together? Some people think that Carly may want Freddie back but Carly is Sam's friend and will want her to be happy. However, future episode lists make it seem that they will break up and Carly and Sam will fight then who knows what will happen. So what are your thoughts about this episode. Do you feel it will be super seddie? or Sam will think she is losing it and is wrong. Post your thought. i am very curious and and hoping for seddie. Tell me what you think.

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