• Guydudeasian

    I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I haven't been on chat the last few couple of days or if I have, I didn't say one word. This is partially due to the internet connection from where I am right now and because there are some things going on in my life right now, so I will NOT be on for about 1 and a half months or a bit longer. I consider myself at least partially well-known on this Wiki, so...yeah. Don't worry, this is not permanent. Thanks for reading. Later peeps.

    Guydudeasian 15:10, August 22, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Guydudeasian

    If you haven't read it by now, Gibby has a new blog on the iCarly website.

    Just a few important notes:

    1. It seems that we won't be seeing any more of shirtless any time soon, according to his recent post. Bummer, it's taking away one of the truly interesting things about him. Contradictingly, in the exact same blog he says he's the least interesting person in his class. Either he's got his head somewhere in Wonderland or his class is much crazier then he is. I think it's the first option as he's in the same class and the iCarly trio.

    And 2. Pini's restaurant. If you look at the pics closely, the color scheme seems to match the restaurant where Sam and Freddie are having their date in the promo. So, I …

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  • Guydudeasian

    Title^^^^. I think there are some ships that you like that don't involve the main 5 characters you see on iCarly every episode, or at least most episodes. So which ones are your favorite?

    Mine are:

    Felanie: Freddie and Melanie

    Sheddie: Freddie and Shelby

    Speronica: Spencer and Veronica

    My major one is Seddie.

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  • Guydudeasian

    For those of you who have not seen the promo, here it is.


    Here's my take:

    1. If you look closely, Sam is wearing the same shirt in the beginning where Freddie asks her about the kiss as when she screams "Have I lost my mind?". This confirms that iLost My Mind is the first of the series of episodes that will follow the recurring Sam and Freddie storyline.

    2. Notice how Sam and Freddie are smiling as they lean in for the first kiss in the promo. This suggests that they will be dating sometime during the episodes that follow iLost My Mind.

    3. Mrs. Benson reaction. 'Nuff said. Anyway, you see Gibby has …

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  • Guydudeasian

    If you haven't heard by now, Fairly Oddparents will be renewed with a new live-action movie with Drake Bell as Timmy and Daniella Monet (Trina from Victorious) as Tootie. I've actually been waiting for the promos to come out and the first one aired yesterday I think. Anyway, what do you guys think? Will you be watching it?

    I won't spoil the general plot for you but if you want to check it out, just go to Wikipedia

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